Why Sawatch Wellness

The CBD industry has no shortage of pure, well-researched, highly respected product lines (in fact, several of them are Sawatch Wellness partners!). Over the past decade, CBD product availability and quality has exploded. But while CBD products can bring enormous benefits to personal health and quality of life, and there seem to be CBD retail shops popping up on every corner, many people are still not participating in this wellness movement.

The hesitancy is two-fold.

People want more information about the quality and uses of CBD products, and they also need CBD retail options that easily fit into the normal routine of their life – such as going to the gym or visiting the grocery store.

People need a convenient place in their neighborhood where they can quickly and securely purchase trusted, high-quality CBD products and learn about these products at the point-of-sale without intimidation or embarrassment. Our goal is to make this process easier than ever and to help our community, and eventually communities across the country, experience their peak wellness.

Our Kiosks

A Message from the Founders

This journey began as a pursuit of our own personal betterment and wellbeing, our hope is that you will now share that journey with us. We promise to remain committed to our customers and diligent in providing you premium CBD products we not only use ourselves but also recommend to our family and friends.