How Do Sawatch Wellness Kiosks Work?

Sawatch Wellness has curated the top CBD products in the market and placed them within cutting-edge, fully automated kiosks to provide our customers with a convenient, interactive and educational buying experience.

Kiosk features include:

- Dynamic product tutorials and education

- Data driven smart technology

- Interactive touchscreen display

- Automated age verification

- Secure purchasing protocols

Peak Benefits for Retail Partners

Financial Gains

Our revenue sharing model adds another stream of passive income to your brick and mortar business. Sawatch Wellness kiosks are the best balance of functionality and ease of maintenance - we handle shipping, troubleshooting, inventory stocking, and payment processing. Making it a truly plug and play option for you.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Access to on-demand, on-premise CBD wellness products allows retailers to serve recommended CBD products to customers just-in-time, making for a better overall customer experience.

Advertising Opportunities

The interactive touchscreens on the Sawatch Wellness kiosks offer retailers a new place to advertise their services/products. Additionally, installing this new, exciting kiosk gives retailers a fresh message with which they can reach out to their customer base.