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Sawatch Wellness provides on-demand access to a wide range of premium, 100% natural CBD products. Whether you’re headed home from the gym, leaving the grocery store or just returning to your car after a long day of shopping, Sawatch’s convenient, easy-to-use kiosks help you fit a “CBD run” into your already packed schedule. We collaborate with the most well-known and well-respected CBD product brands on the market to provide customers with trusted, transparent CBD options. And our educational kiosks even help customers select the right product for their specific needs whether it’s sore knees, better
sleep or improved general health.

Ready to achieve your peak wellness? Visit a Sawatch
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Best In-Class CBD Products

Want to geek out on the formulary makeup of our CBD products? Check out our store to learn more about the vetted, high-quality products available in our kiosks – including ingredient lists, product benefits and how-to-use tutorials.

Informative Kiosks

Whether you’re new to CBD and need help finding the right product or you’re a CBD pro who’s just looking for something new, our interactive, educational kiosks can teach you about the benefits of each CBD option available in our kiosks.

Secure Transactions

Our kiosks include cutting edge payment security using some of the industry’s most secure and well-known encryption methodologies. Additionally, Sawatch kiosks automatically age validate for greater security and trust. And we never, ever sell your information, so your data is safe with Sawatch.

Are you a Retailer Interested in a CBD Kiosk?

Call Us. Text Us. Email Us. We're always looking for new retail partners interested in providing their customers with an exciting and convenient way to step into CBD. We offer aggressive revenue sharing agreements that adds another stream of passive income to your legacy business.

Example of Partners include, but are not limited to:

- Event Spaces and Transportation Hubs, i.e. Airports

- Shopping Centers and Hospitality Organizations

- Convenience Stores and Grocers

- Nightclubs, Restaurants, and Bars

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Featured Products

Shop some of the most well-respected and exciting CBD brands in the industry

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What Our Clients Say


As a midwife, for years I've had trouble shutting down after a long shift so I can get a good night's rest. Having tried both prescription medicines and more holistic approaches with minimal success I was hesitant to give CBD a try, but I can't say how incredibly glad I am that I did. Not only do the drops help me get to sleep, but they don't leave me feeling groggy in the morning - a complete game changer for me!


Atlanta, GA

My workplace dynamics changed substantially during COVID - of particular difference was moving to a 100% work-from-home environment. While certainly grateful to have that opportunity, it's required an intense focus on prioritizing tasks at hand. CBD has proven an effective natural aid in helping quiet the "noise" and sharpen my focus.


Los Angeles,CA

As a collegiate golfer I'd play 36 holes a day for days on end, but as father time begins to catch up to me I'm constantly finding new aches and pains. Nothing debilitating, but certainly annoying. The guys at Sawatch sent me a sample of their CBD relief balm to try out on sore muscles and I must say it's made a difference for me - just throw it in the golf bag and go!


Chicago, IL